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Holding Space Aotearoa is a Charitable Trust formed in 2021 by 4 Musicians with a focus on Community Events. We create opportunities, provide assistance, support and training for upcoming Musicians and Creatives. We are dedicated to developing healthy Audiences and supporting Venues in our Auckland Community.
Our collective is interested in exploring the beneficial effects of sharing art and connection; creating encouraging spaces for the community to express themselves in. We are looking into recording opportunities and creating content for local creatives to share their music and celebrate our vibrant Open Mic scene. We are also developing a Songwriting Club and website listing for Auckland Open Mics; a creative support network and Gear Library to help make the Arts Sector more sustainable and accessible .



The purpose of the Trust is: 

1.1          assisting in the social and economic advancement of the community;

1.2          providing assistance and support for Musicians, Creatives, Open Mics and Venues;

1.3          providing support systems for Artists, Audience and Venues;

1.4          assisting in the education, training and capacity building of Musicians; and other Creatives and Technicians;

1.5          exploring the beneficial and healing effects of sharing art and creating space for the community to express themselves;

1.6          doing any other thing which is conducive to the attainment of any of these purposes.

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